HVAC Contractor Virginia Beach servicing and cooling repairs are inevitable. At Dimare’s Heating and Cooling Services, we offer a comprehensive range of heating and cooling services to meet all of your business AC / heater installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance needs. Call us to learn more about our services!


DiMare’s Ductwork  is the kind of fast and dependable service most home and business owners can appreciate. Ducts that are dirty are more likely to have a negative impact on indoor air quality, which could present potential problems for you and your loved ones. When your ductwork needs attention, trained technicians from DiMare’s Heating & Cooling Services in Virginia Beach are ready to provide the prompt, attentive service you deserve.

When Your Ducts Need Attention

Ducts are what delivers heated or cooled air throughout your home. Since the same ducts are often used for air conditioning and furnace operations, dirt and debris can accumulate over time, which can affect your comfort. There are several potential problems involving ducts that shouldn’t be ignored, including:

  • Leaky ducts (leaks could be reducing HVAC system efficiency by as much as 40 percent)
  • Poorly insulated or uninsulated ducts
  • Imbalanced ductwork creating areas in your home that are too hot or too cold
  • Pressure imbalances that may lead to backdrafting in furnaces

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Duct Repair Service

Even if you only suspect you may have an issue with your ducts, experienced technicians at DiMare’s Air Ductwork Services can evaluate your ducts to determine if there are issues that require attention. Gaps and cracks in your duct system can be corrected by duct sealing. Additional repairs our team in Virginia Beach can take care of in a timely, efficient manner include:

  • Installing new return ducts to restore balance
  • Fixing visible issues with supply and return registers
  • Replacing filters on your heating or cooling system that may be contributing to duct problems

Duct Replacement Service


While ducts are generally designed to be fairly durable, there are times when replacement is the most appropriate option. If ducts have fallen, it’s usually because of issues with rust and other structural problems. Leaks can also be the result of ducts with multiple structural issues. In some cases, only certain parts of your duct system may need to be replaced. The extent of what will need replaced will depend on the overall condition of your ducts. If replacement is necessary, we’ll use only top-quality materials, parts, and accessories.

Preventative Maintenance


A duct system should be well-designed and properly sealed to prevent leaks that could affect energy efficiency. Ducts that are sealed properly and cleaned are also more likely to maintain overall indoor air quality. Since supply and return registers are the only visible parts of your ducts, regular maintenance is important to keep air flowing properly throughout your home. A duct inspection typically involves:

  • Checking for uneven airflow from the diffusers (often a sign of fallen ducts or air leaks)
  • Evaluating how even temperature is throughout your home
  • Looking for fallen or disconnected ducts
  • Searching for debris and mold accumulation on the walls of ducts


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