Ventilation and Dryer Vent Cleaning Virginia Beach

The purpose of our Ventilation and Dryer Vent Cleaning Virginia Beach Services is to properly and evenly deliver circulated heated or cooled air to various rooms or spaces. It’s often blockages in ductwork or mechanical issues with your heating or cooling system that cause or contribute to problems. Ensure airflow and indoor air quality is maintained by taking advantage of the ventilation-related services available from DiMare’s Heating & Cooling Services in Virginia Beach.


Ventilation Common Issues


Air filters, ductwork, air exchangers, fans, and blowers are among the many components that can affect how a ventilation system operates. Our fully trained technicians in Virginia Beach will determine what’s causing issues with well your heating and cooling system is maintaining your comfort and offer sensible, affordable solutions. Common ventilation-related problems include:

  • Uneven temperatures throughout your spaces
  • Irregular heating or cooling cycles
  • Noticeable reduction in indoor air quality
  • Higher-than-normal indoor humidity levels (may contribute to health issues and worsen existing respiratory conditions)

Prompt, Efficient Repairs


With our thorough inspections and assessments, system performance issues or inefficiencies affecting circulation can be identified and corrected. Since the HVAC technicians at DiMare’s Ventilation and Dryer Vent Cleaning Virginia Beach Services stay current with industry trends and technology, you can expect repairs to be performed correctly the first time you call on us. Repair work involving circulation and vents may involve:

  • Fixing or replacing outlets
  • Replacing or repairing vent boxes
  • Changing filters
  • Clearing or replacing vent pipes
  • Correcting mechanical issues

Replacement and Installation


Heating and cooling systems typically circulate air effectively with various components. Because of the complexity of such set-ups, replacement often involves specific parts such as vent boxes or sections of vent pipe that are damaged or worn. Replacement may also involve a new or updated furnace or combination heating and cooling system if air circulation is being affected primarily by mechanical issues (e.g., your heating and cooling system is no longer sufficiently delivering heated or cooled air through vents).

With the new installation of a circulation system, our technicians will determine where to place vents and related components. Adjustments to an existing set-up may be necessary if you are updating from a furnace only to a whole-house HVAC system.

Ventilation-Related Maintenance


Systems that operate year-round are likely to require attention from our professionals now and then. Routine maintenance that includes all essential ventilation-related components can significantly reduce repair needs. Improved circulation and filtration through the vents in your home can also minimize exposure to contaminants or allergens that may be recirculated through dirty vents. When necessary, we’ll clean or change filters during a routine maintenance appointment to reduce exposure to potentially harmful airborne irritants and improve air circulation. Regular maintenance typically involves:

  • Vacuuming the heating or cooling unit itself
  • Checking vents for blockages
  • Determining whether or not heating and cooling is even throughout indoor spaces
  • Taking off vent covers to look for accumulated dirt and debris that has to be properly removed

It’s experience and knowledgeable that allows our technicians in Virginia Beach to provide accurate solutions to your ventilation needs and issues affecting your HVAC systems. With regular service from DiMare’s Virginia Beach VA Ventilation Services Services that includes preventative maintenance, you’ll enjoy a healthy, comfortable atmosphere in your home, business, or office. Contact us today to request service or schedule an appointment.

Contact us at (757) 420-6699 or send us an email at [email protected]. We also have special coupons so feel free to message us on Facebook and ask if we have any for a service or repair you need done!


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