Thermostat Heat Repair Virginia Beach

Looking for a dependable Thermostat Heat Repair Virginia Beach service? Contact DiMare’s Heating and Cooling Services for all your local HVAC needs. Thermostats regulate the indoor temperature of your home or business. They hook up to the existing HVAC cooling and heating system and electronically signal the heat or air conditioning to turn on when it senses the temperature in the room to be above or below the set point, which is controlled by the operator.

For instance, a thermostat in a bedroom that’s set to “cool” and a temperature of 73 will initiate the AC to turn on if the temperature in the room rises to 74 or above. The central air system then works to lower the temperature in the room one degree. Likewise, if it’s set to “heat” at 70 degrees, and the ambient room temperature is 68, the thermostat will signal the heat to turn on to raise the temperature of the room two degrees.

Other rooms may be configured to share a zone with this thermostat, and as a result, those rooms would also receive cool air, but because they don’t have a thermostat, the cool air will enter those areas regardless of the temperature. In short, the thermostat is in charge of when the heating and cooling turns on and off.

When installed correctly, thermostats are incredibly useful to help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. When they are further coordinated with designated zones, you can assign different temperatures to individual areas as well as schedule times for temperatures to be adjusted in preparation for sleeping or waking.

Thermostat Common Issues



This is a simple fix, and many electronic units will warn you ahead of time if the batteries are low. Many times, replenishing the batteries fixes problems it has with operating.


Mounting Point

Sometimes, the mounting point of a thermostat is not in a good location. If it’s placed too close to a window, or too high or low, it can pick up inaccurate temperatures that aren’t representative of the true temperature of the room. The professionals at DiMare’s Heating & Cooling Services on Virginia Beach can help you decide a proper placement for your thermostat.


Old, Inaccurate or Broken

In this case, the best choice is often to invest in a new thermostat and have it installed by a professional. This will ensure its proper operation and longevity.

Thermostat Repair


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