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Gas and Heat Pumps HVAC Virginia Beach VA

If you’re having issues at home with heating then contact DiMare’s Heat Pump HVAC Virginia Beach VA is your best choice for deendable local repair and replacement services. Your home’s heating and cooling system impacts the comfort of your household in a very direct, intimate way. To obtain fast, professional installation, maintenance and repair services for gas and heat pumps, call J.D. Dimare Heat & A.C. at 757-420-6699. We possess the qualifications required to address a full range of issues involving this essential equipment expertly and efficiently. When you request our assistance, we’ll send a well-equipped mobile team to your location. O ur technicians know the Virginia Beach area well. We help homeowners and businesses throughout our community enjoy reliable, smoothly-operating heating and cooling systems. Contact us for routine sales and maintenance, or to troubleshoot potential problems.

Gas And Heat Pump Services


Do you utilize a gas-powered heating system? These heat pumps depend upon a motor to drive a furnace pump circulating warm air through the premises. This equipment plays a vital role keeping residents comfortably warm during cold weather.

Virginia Beach sometimes experiences frigid winters. Count on DiMare’s Heating & Cooling Services to help you maintain a pleasant indoor living environment regardless of the temperature outdoors. Call our emergency service if you suspect a problem has arisen involving your residential heating system’s pump. We’ll respond rapidly. Our techs will either correct the problem, or help you locate viable, energy-efficient new heating equipment.

Gas and Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Replacement


Today, a wide variety of heat pump mechanisms supply steady gas-powered heat to homes in this region of Virginia. Heat pumps frequently sustain heavy use. Like other types of machinery, they do eventually wear out. We can assist you in selecting a home heating pump designed to fit your specific heating and cooling system’s requirements. If you feel confused evaluating and comparing different units, you may wish to contact us for knowledgeable assistance.

We not only service heat pumps, we also sell and install this important equipment. These products frequently represent a significant investment for households in Virginia Beach. Customers appreciate receiving expert advice in selecting a replacement heat pump. We’ll help you assess your heat pump needs and choose the best types of units to meet your heating and cooling goals. Additionally, J.D. Dimare Heat & A.C. supplies complete, well-qualified installation services.

Heat Pump Repair

In many cases, the skilled technicians of DiMare’s HVAC Virginia Beach VA Heat Pump Repair Services can help customers by repairing malfunctioning heat pumps. Our experience in this area has allowed us to become familiar with many different models. Often, obtaining the repair of a heat pump enables residents to continue utilizing an aging heating system without problems for a few additional years.

If you experience concern about a broken or poorly functioning heating system pump, call us for an evaluation. We’ll troubleshoot equipment to diagnose the source of the problem. If we believe heat pump repair represents a safe available option, we’ll let you know!

Further Assistance

Contact us at (757) 420-6699 or send us an email at [email protected]. We also have special coupons so feel free to message us on Facebook and ask if we have any for a service or repair you need done!

Gas and Heat Pumps Gas and Heat Pumps  Gas and Heat Pumps  Gas and Heat Pumps  Gas and Heat Pumps  Gas and Heat Pumps 


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