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Duct Replacement and Vent Cleaning Virginia Beach

Air Duct Replacement and Vent Cleaning Virginia Beach services can be vital to your health as well as the efficiency of your home air systems, your ducts are an important part of your HVAC system.

Damaged, dirty, or poorly-planned ducts can have a significant impact on the quality of your indoor air, as well as the cost of heating and cooling your home. At Dimare’s, our experienced technicians offer comprehensive HVAC repair, including air duct cleaning, duct sealing, and duct repair- if not replacement for more efficient and healthier home heating and cooling.

Three Problems Associated with Leaky Ducts

Leaks in your ducts may occur for many reasons, including poor initial installation, pest infestations, and wear and tear on the joints and connective materials over time. These leaks can affect your comfort at home and even raise the cost of running your furnace and air conditioning.

  1. Leaky ducts invariably cause higher utility bills. This is because a portion of the heated and cooled air produced by your furnace and air conditioner escapes into the empty spaces of your home, such as between walls and floors, before it can reach its final destination.
  2. Because your HVAC system will run longer and work harder to heat or cool your home to make up for air lost due to leaking ducts, these leaks will also put excess strain on your heating and cooling system and increase the risk of a breakdown or even complete appliance failure.
  3. Leaks in your ducts don’t just let air escape—they can also pull air in, as well as dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminants. This causes your home’s indoor air to suffer in terms of quality, and also causes your furnace filter to clog more quickly for added HVAC strain.
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Air Duct Cleaning vs. Air Duct Replacement

If you are experiencing heating, cooling, or air quality problems associated with problematic ducts, you may wonder whether it’s better to clean your air ducts or replace them. There are several factors that should influence this decision; your HVAC company can help you evaluate your options to choose the right solution for your needs.

  • The majority of air quality concerns can be addressed via air duct cleaning, issues do not always require air duct repair. This process removes built-up dirt, dust, mold, and other materials from your ducts, restoring them to like-new condition for cleaner air and more efficient heating and cooling.
  • Significant damage or mold growth may warrant replacement of the problematic ducts. Ducts that have collapsed should also be replaced to restore proper airflow. Additionally, poor duct design or installation could require your HVAC service to replace the duct system with one that will better meet your needs.

DiMare’s Air Duct Replacement will provide exceptional quality work and personalized service at affordable prices, just as we have done for two decades. As a top HVAC Virginia Beach Contractor you can call us 24/7 at (757) 420-6699. You can also contact us on Facebook.


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