AC Repair Virginia Beach

DiMare’s is your local AC Repair Virginia Beach Specialist. When air conditioners need repair, you deserve fast, attentive service that won’t stretch your budget. This is what you can expect from DiMare’s Heating & Cooling Services in Virginia Beach. From window units to central AC, we proudly service all types of air conditioners and air conditioning systems. If your AC isn’t cooling efficiently, or if it’s stopped working altogether, we’re your trusted source for prompt, affordable air conditioner repair service. Know More about our Air Conditioner Services.

AC Repair Virginia Beach

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant that’s consistently low is a sign that you likely have a leak. Our technicians will inspect your AC to look for pinched lines and structural damage that may be causing refrigerant to leak.

Evaporator Coil Problems

Evaporator coils cool and condense air in your AC system. You may experience performance issues if this coil becomes dirty, which often causes the coil to stop working or freeze. You may have an evaporator coil issue if you hear loud operation noises coming from your condenser unit since it will have to work harder to compensate for a broken coil.

Dirty or Clogged Components

In some cases, the only repair work that may be necessary is to clean dirty or clogged parts. After performing a thorough cleaning, the service technicians at DiMare’s Heating & Cooling Services will check the rest of your system to determine if anything needs to repaired, replaced, or adjusted to improve your AC’s efficiency.

Structural Damage

If your air conditioner is damaged on the outside, it’s more likely that you will experience problems with internal components. We’ll evaluate any structural damage to determine if parts that are dented or cracked can be safely and affordably replaced. With extensive structural damage, it may be best to opt for a replacement, especially if your system’s performance is affected.

Mechanical or Electrical Problems

Outside units or fans not working and faulty wiring are among the most common mechanical or electrical problems that may affect your AC Repair Virginia Beach. When you call on us for repairs, our technicians will check all system parts and components to accurately diagnose the problem and determine the most appropriate solution to get everything working again. Mechanical or electrical problems may affect:


  • Belts
  • Blower motors
  • System wiring and thermostats
  • Sensors
  • Drainage components

Inefficient Air Conditioner Operations

Another reason to call on us for repair and service work is if you notice that your AC isn’t cooling as efficiently as it used to. There are may be several reasons for this. You may need to have filters cleaned or changed, or it could be a sign that a part is failing and needs to be replaced. Signs of inefficient air conditioner operations include:

  • Uneven cooling throughout your indoor spaces
  • Utility bills that are higher than usual
  • Lack of sufficient airflow through vents and registers
  • AC units or systems that run more frequently to maintain the desired temperature (a sign that your AC is working harder than it should have to)


Spend more time doing what’s important to you and let the team at DiMare’s AC Repair Virginia Beach Services take care of your air conditioner needs. We have friendly, experienced technicians available throughout the Virginia Beach area. Contact us today to request service, or schedule an appointment during our convenient hours.

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