Dimares Cooling and Heating Service Coupons

Dimare’s Cooling and Heating Service coupons are for local Virginia folk looking to get a maintenance or service discount on their heating or cooling system. We offer special discounts to veterans as well as seasonal discounts and coupons we will post here and on our social media like Facebook. Dimares Heating and Cooling Services been servicing Virginias Heating Repair and AC Installation needs since 1992.

Whether you need your heat pump repaired or a new AC installation, our certified HVAC service professionals are dedicated to fixing your problems right the first time. Nothing makes a home more uncomfortable than being cold in the winter or too hot in the summer because you either don’t have a proper heating and cooling system or the one you have isn’t functioning properly! We can service all your home HVAC needs from improved ventilation, evaporator coil cleaning and even quality ductwork.

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Cooling and Heating Service Coupons

$99.99 special full-service furnace check-up

heating service coupons

$50 off after hours call

$25 off diagnostic or service call

$25 off the first pound of freon

heating service coupons

$50 diagnosis or service fee discount for all seniors, military, and vets

Dimares Cooling and Heating Service is your local Virginia Beach HVAC professional who not only cares about your home but also cares about the community and your family. As a contributing member of society, Dimares would like to extend these savings so you can take acdvantage of his services to keep your heating and cooling systems working at their best for you and your family.

You can call any time as Dimares Heating and Cooling is a 24/7 service ready to come and fix and problems you may have with your Virginia Beach and surrounding areas. Just give us a call at (757) 420-6699.